Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Feeding

For Christmas day Fausta and I started up three charcoal fires and cooked up some chicken-veggie stew, some French fries (chips) and rice for any who passed by. Fun was had by all.

As there is/was some dispute over the future of St Faustas, on Jan. 5 2009 the Administrator General will take over trusteeship of the school. What this means is that I will have an iron-clad contract to rebuild the school without the risk of some family member taking away my work. In the mean time we have been working on the permaculture gardens that will feed the school. the first aquaponics experiment ended in mass death of small fish, I pray forgiveness and will try harder next time. RIP baby Tilapia(s)

Tuition fees have been estimated... about 600 US per year for a 7th grader (the oldest and highest price, for now, that we will have) with full room and board. Plans are for there to be ~20 male and ~20 female full boarders and another 60 day schoolers.

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