Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Life is Good

I have been wanting to post something but without a signed contract there is no security in this venture. Consequently I have been working very hard, keeping silent, waiting to announce that...

On this Wednesday past, the 7th of January 2009, a contract was signed between the Administrator Generals of Uganda (the caretakers of the estate of St Faustas founding father) and my self that allows me to go forward with renovating, recruiting and running operations of the school. This protects all the family members as well as myself.
Today there are electricians running conduit for wires, installing boxes for switches and outlets and making way for the service entrance. Expected voltage levels will range somewhat, between 90 volts in the evening after sunset all the way up to 196 volts. Nominal voltage should be ~230 volts. But that would be to easy. (note to self: alternative/Green power solutions)
The garden is coming along quite well. And on Monday we will start populating the chicken coop with chicks. May they grow fast and lay many eggs, for if they don't their destiny is chicken soup! Diet is so important to learning and health making food a priority for where St Faustas is going.
I'm working on a method to allow people to sponsor a student at St Faustas, or possiply to help with the green goals. Check back soon.

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Gypsy Trading Company said...

Congratulations John!
Your doing wonderful work.
Love ya