Friday, December 5, 2008

St Faustas Primary School Kitinda Uganda

Just up the hill from Lake Victoria and minutes from Entebbe St Faustas primary, day and boarding, school is getting ready for change. When the founder met his untimely death a few years ago the school was left in the hands of his young daughter. She has struggled to keep it going, leasing it to headmasters who are often as not thieves. The students didn't get fed and she didn't get paid. Now she is 18 years old with two children earning her living selling cassava slices to the students of the school that her father built. Now to bring a change.
We have developed a multi-tiered plan to make St Faustas sustainable and green.

Step one is to clean and repair what is there
Step two bring in electricity, running water, green sanitation facilities and a kitchen
Step three is to plaster the walls, install floors, windows and doors
Step four if to build and buy furnishings
Step five integrate

Step one Permaculture design ethics
Step two compost waste
Step three plant for students food, leftovers may be sold at market
Step four fish and fowl, aquaculture and chicken tractors will provide garden benefits and protein for the students diets
Step five integrate

Adult education
Once the young ones have been let out of class provide the opportunity for members of the local community to expand their knowledge. Classes in reading, small business math and economics, permaculture, green technologies and information communication technologies.

And between terms when the students go on break the facilities will be made available for groups who wish to visit Uganda, for tourism or education.

These are photos of St Faustas today, come back often to see our progress.
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eye25machines said...

With your technical skills, how about expanding the education to include both student and adult technical skills. Try introducing physics, chemistry and math by repairing bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, and all those household things that make women's work easier! (a repair shop as part of the school may also make up for some of the fees that parents forget to pay) All you need are some tools!!!