Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is the 'Donate' button for?

People who are interested in helping to support St. Fausta’s Primary school have requested that I break down the costs of what is needed and how they can help.
Sponsor a student for $150 per term or $450 per year (three terms per year).
To finish the kitchen and bathrooms-including composting toilets and grey water treatment: $2560
Kitchen equipment: $2200
Walls and security: $1660
Classrooms and office including paint and rainwater harvesting: $2375
Like any school, books are precious and necessary.
Connection to the phone line for Internet access is $300, monthly Internet access $100.
And the dream, for the regular power outages, is $10,000 for a solar power system.

Friends visited this summer and are providing us with an avenue for support. If you wish to donate to St. Fausta’s through them you can and will receive tax benefits. Checks, with a note that it is for St. Fausta’s, should be made out and mailed to:
Heritage Foundation
15 Gramercy Park,
Ste. 4D,
NY, NY 10003


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