Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken anyone

Good food makes good minds. Chickens are a good way to to do a number of things in the garden as well as a good source of food for the children. to this end a hundred baby chicks, "broilers", were purchased and placed in a makeshift brooder in the Burser's home. Of course from chicks come chickens and they soon required fancier digs. Built by the secretary, Lovine, and Dr. Imelda the Principal, these are some pretty fancy digs. The roof is made of a layer of papyrus followed with a layer of plastic and another layer of papyrus. The floor is brick with a layer of plastic and wood chips/sawdust. And recycled planks for the walls.
This form of chicken raising is not a sustainable model but it is readily accepted by the people working on the chickens. As with all things ruled by momentum, slow incremental change is most effective.

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