Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little rain is a good thing

Students are arriving; we have enrolled about 44 students thus far. Of these 20 are boarding students. Unfortunately the Ugandan custom is to bring new students over the initial few weeks of a school year and to pay minimum tuition when dropping off the students. This leaves a gap where the school must fend for itself in terms of food, salaries, books and equipment.
There are still beds for another 20 students and space for 85 day students.
And the garden grows. Someone passed by today who had heard that we had extra cabbage and carrot seedlings for sale. We do, why not?
Construction is on pause while we wait for school fees to come in.
My landlord has issues with the Ugandan electric company so today my house was plunged into darkness. And life goes on.

Eventful days, check back soon.

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